Chiropractic at Parkshot House Manual Therapy

Dr Paul Carless BSc (HK), BSc(HB) Doctor of Chiropractic

Growing up just outside of Toronto, I first found my passion for health whilst making my way through University. I was drawn to Chiropractic due to it's hands on, pragmatic approach to healthcare. Moving to Chicago to study also opened my eyes to the world which started a craving for experience outside of my comfort zones. When my studies concluded, I headed down to Australia and worked in Sydney for a couple of years before settling in Melbourne. During that time, I opened and ran three clinics across the city, each a distinctly different demographic. Four years ago, I seized the opportunity for another challenge and moved to London. I had been working in clinics both locally and in the City. However, like many of my colleagues, the “new normal” has changed my circumstances and I am now staying close to home in Richmond. What I have noticed over the past several years, is that years ago, people would just come into the clinic and want a quick fix without taking responsibility for their health. Nowadays, people are more engaged with their healthcare. People want to know what’s going on, why they are having problems and what’s the best way to fix it now and prevent it from happening in the future. I take the time to explain what’s going on to empower you to help yourself get better, faster and stronger! Chiropractic can be an amazing type of care. The unique relationship with the nervous system and the body sets us apart from other health care providers. I still get a kick out of what I do every day!

During the Initial Consultation, we will take a detailed history of why you have come to us. We then do a thorough physical examination (fully clothed) including posture, ranges of motion of spinal segments and extremities, reflexes, muscle strengths and neurological exam. From the History and Exam we can make a good working diagnosis and we can begin treatment.

With extensive experience, Dr Carless offers extrodinary Chiropractic Care with a personal touch and clinical excellence.


Why come to Us?

Every patient that we see is unique and at Richmond Chiropractic we treat you that way. What makes us special is our commitment to getting you better and keeping you better through a holistic approach to your life. ​ Dr. Paul explains, “If you just want to get out of pain as quickly as possible than that’s what we’ll deliver on. If you have an old injury that you don't know how to treat it, we can help with that too. What you can expect is the best advice and treatment for any injury, old or new. ​

One of the questions most people want to know is 'how long is this going to take'?

What they are really asking is 'how many times will I have to come and how much is it going to cost'?

Usually the answer lies in how long you have had the problem. A new uncomplicated injury could only take a few visits. If it's something you have had for years, it may take longer, but you should see results quickly. Some people chose to come in infrequently on a maintenence basis, but that is always up to you.

What does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractic is a pretty unique approach to health care. There are similarities and some overlap between us and Physio's or Osteo's. What sets Chiropractors apart is that we give special attention to the role of the nervous system. Not only in relation to recovery from injury but also in maintaining a healthy body. ​ As Chiropractors, we take into account the relationship between the nervous system and the spine itself. We also recognise that the frequently, the individual spinal joints can be affected by injury or just the routines of daily life and become stiff or restricted in it's full motion. Due to the close anatomical relationship, if a spinal joint is restricted, there is an affect on the correspoding nerve and then whatever tissue or organ that nerve goes to will be affected. ​ We then correct these joint restrictions by 'adjusting' or 'manipulating' in a gentle and painless way to restore normal joint function, nerve function and muscle tone. This is why everyone says they feel so much looser after they get adjusted - their joints are free and their muscles are relaxed. Once normal function is restored, the healing process will occur naturally.


Who we serve?


•mums and dads

• artists

• dancers

• CrossFitters

• weekend warriors

• Olympic and professional athletes

• musicians

• writers

• expectant mothers

• and everone in between!

If you need to perform your best, don't let pain get in the way.

Is Chiropractic right for you?

Why not call and find out, we are happy to have a free chat without having to make an apointment!